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NDW240 - Market First Programmable DIN Rail DC/DC Converter

January 19, 2017

Most of the industrial solutions for DC/DC converters are based on an input voltage range and a fixed (or relatively limited) output voltage (e.g. 12, 24, 48Vdc, etc.). This approach generates many models, with all related consequences in terms of inventory, operational limits and cost.
NDW240 introduces a breakthrough concept for the DC/DC converters, following the “all-in-one” strategy that is broadly applied in our products.
NDW240 is a 240W DC/DC, 3 kV isolated DC/DC converter that can convert any DC voltage 11 to 55V to any DC voltage 5 to 55V, with 10mV resolution, with a load rating of 240W/ max.10A.
The output voltage set-up can be done through the front panel or through a USB interface, operable by Windows or Android systems through our well-known application POWERMASTER.
NDW240 includes an ORing circuitry and various protections. It can be paralleled for power or redundancy.
NDW240 is aimed to replace the NDDxx family of traditional DC/DC converters, offering excellent price / performance ratio and improved features.
NDW240 will be available for sale on Q2/2017.


January 16, 2017
In the last years NEXTYS has extended the digital solutions for the management of the power products.
We have introduced the control and regulation of several platforms by proprietary algorithms and achieved outstanding performance at reasonable cost.
We have added extensive communication features, either by USB or MODBUS, enhancing the integration capabilities of our products in intelligent systems.
The software suite POWERMASTER, aimed to remote monitoring and setup of the devices, was applauded by the market, especially after including the possibility of operation on Android systems.

The users will have the possibility to distinguish those products with digital implementation as bearing the logos POWERMASTER and DIGITAL POWER, as expressed in their data sheets.

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