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"NEXTYS Products Catalogue" Available Online!

December, 2013:
We are proud to introduce the new release of the digital version of our "Products Catalogue".
It covers all standard products and includes several innovative solutions.
It can be reviewed online or downloaded.
- 1 Phase SMPS, 20 to 480W with various output voltages
- 3 Phase SMPS, 480 to 2400W (World First!)
- 1/2/3 Phase +DC input family, the most versatile range in the market
- Smart solutions for back up and redundancy, for maximum system availability
- Wireless battery monitoring system BATTMASTER®
- POWERMASTER software for configuration and remote control of our digital devices

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Our team is at your disposal for any question and support.

NEXTYS Booth at   (Hamburg) - A Step Ahead to Telecom and Battery World!

October 24, 2013:
From 14 to 17 October we have participated to INTELEC 2013 (Hamburg - Germany) - the world’s most prestigious power solutions, telecom and battery specialists meeting point.
INTELEC is a major forum for presenting new solutions and theoretical concepts. Several white papers were presented to a high level audience.

Nextys booth was visited by many top specialists and customers.

High appreciation was expressed towards the innovative
BATTMASTER® (wireless battery monitoring system) that earned major market success by its "plug and play" approach and price / performance ratio.

Strong interest was captured also by the back-up and redundancy solutions as:
- DCU20 : an advanced DC UPS module provided with LCD display, 12…29V bus capability and any battery chemistry
- BU150
: an innovative capacitor based back-up unit rated 300ms @20A (150J) presenting a unique feature: compliance with any DC bus rated 12…85V!
- OR50 : CPU controlled redundancy (ORing) unit that can operate on any bus from 12 to 85Vdc and supply 50A

We thank all our visitors for the time they have spent in our booth and the opportunity to develop our collaboration!

NEXTYS  Releases Market’s First Self Tracking Buffer Module

July, 2013:
As a result of a deep market research and an important R&D effort a new product for short time back-up was developed, called BU150U.
Most of the power shortages in the DC applications last for <0.5s. Using battery based systems (UPS) has some disadvantages related to the operating costs (battery replacement), volume and complexity. Therefore short time back-up solutions become very important.
BU150U is the market’s first back-up module aimed to serve all applications with a DC bus voltage between 12 and 85V. It can supply 150J @ max. 20A , e.g. 300 ms for 24V and 20A.
Its reliable topology (based on standard electrolytic capacitors) allows the use in hot environments and perfect regulation of the output. Various active protections are implemented.
Volume deliveries will be available in Q4/2013.

NEXTYS  Releases Market’s Most Compact 120W DIN Rail SMPS

June, 2013: NEXTYS announces the release of the NPSM121 family of 1 phase, high performance DIN rail power supplies.
This family is aimed to offer unique features as:
- extreme compactness (35mm width)
- high efficiency (>92%)
- ultra wide output voltage range (e.g.: 11.5…28.5V on the 24V model)
- unlimited paralleling capability
- user setable current limitation mode (constant current or hiccup)
- optional: internal ORing circuit for redundancy connection
Provided with PFC and fully rated at 60°C, despite its small volume, this family responds to the most demanding applications in various fields as industry, automation, transportation, telecom, etc.
Volume deliveries will be available in Q4/2013.

NEXTYS Booth at   Europe 2013 (Nuremberg) - Good Time for Innovation!

May 22, 2013:
From 14 to 16 May we have participated to PCIM (in Nuremberg, Germany) - the most prestigious power electronics fair in Europe.
Our booth was visited by many customers and suppliers, the displayed products (OEM or Nextys brand) received special attention.

High appreciation was expressed towards the innovative (first on the market) universal input series (187-550VAC; 280-725VDC) called NPSW120/240/480 rated 120/240/480W. These units earned major market success by their excellent reliability and price/performance ratio.

Major interest was captured by the new NPSM121 power supply, the smallest 120W 1 phase unit on the market (35mm width) which includes some unique features like the user settable current limitation mode (hiccup or constant current) and extremely wide range of settable output voltage (11.5…28VDC).

BU150U -
an innovative capacitor based back-up unit rated 300ms @20A presents a unique feature: compliance with any DC bus rated 12…85V!

The well known NPS2400 series of power supplies (2400W), the DCU20 DC UPS, the OR50 CPU controlled ORing unit and the
BATTMASTER® wireless battery monitoring system received many positive comments form existing and potential customers.

We thank all our visitors for the time they have spent in our booth and the opportunity to develop our collaboration!

NEXTYS  Joins EPSMA (European Power Supplies Manufacturers Association)

February, 2013: NEXTYS announces its acceptance as full member of EPSMA (European Power Supplies Manufacturers Association).
This is a prestigious recognition of the technological achievements that NEXTYS promotes and its consistent presence in the power supply market.
EPSMA is an active organization encouraging the development of information exchange and technology trends between major players in the power supply and components field.
It aims also to provide a professional support to the evolution of the standards governing the various power conversion systems and energy regulations.

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